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Pegasus Group Aviation is a Canadian owned Private Operator focused on bringing accessible, safe, and cost effective propeller-driven multi-engine aircraft to market. Pegasus Group Aviation offers owners, lessor’s, and private pilots access to propeller-driven multi-engine aircraft through cost sharing and direct operating expenses saving you both time and money.

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comfort redefined

Benefits of Private Aircraft

Flying by private aircraft is synonymous with rock legends, Hollywood stars and multi-million dollar sportsmen – as well as great tycoons and heads of state, of course. It is, without a doubt, the fastest and most luxurious way to travel large distances, a dream for those who travel often and for whom business class is ultimately insufficient. Beyond the obvious luxury they have, more advantages will make flying by private aircraft your next goal.

  • luxury and comfort
  • Safety and confidentiality
  • Personal schedule
  • Faster Travel
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frequently asked questions

We are a locally owned Private Aircraft Operator offering aircraft on private rental to licensed pilots for personal use, as well as a
managed corporate lease to individuals or companies.

No matter what time you are traveling, someone will be available to assist with every detail of your trip. We work for you day and night, 24/7 365 days a year.

Flight costs include the items which have to be paid only when the
plane is in motion. These items include maintenance, engine and
propeller reserves.

Our office is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, within a 15 minute
drive from the regions busiest airport. If you’re planning to fly in or
out of any of the following airports, we’ll be happy to meet with you
in person!

A government issued photo ID is required prior to boarding.
Boarding will be denied to any passenger without proper
documentation when such is required by law or customs. All
passengers are required to carry a passport when traveling
internationally. All documents required for international travel must
be presented to the flight crew for review prior to boarding.

Absolutely! Our team has worked with every aircraft type in the
private aviation industry for more than a decade, and our knowledge and expertise is an invaluable resource when looking to purchase your own private or corporate aircraft. PGA has assisted clients interested in purchasing their own private jet or aircraft for personal and leisure use, we can coordinated with corporate travel and logistics departments to help you acquire the right type of jet for their business needs.

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what our clients are saying

Having been let down and lied to by…
Having been let down and lied to by commercial airlines numerous times during the COVID Pandemic is was refreshing to talk to an organization that understood the importance of knowing what can and cannot be done when it comes to travel in these difficult times. Pegasus Group Aviation made a potentially complicated trip simplicity itself. Simply magical!

Page A.

Point to point First Class
Commercial Airlines was not an option for our meeting location. We leased with Pegasus Group Aviation for a significant and important business meeting. From the get go the service was excellent. Admin, pilots, aircraft and timing was first class. I cannot speak highly enough of the service we received, and most importantly we saved over 24hrs over driving and improved our work life balance.


Fantastic service end to end
Fantastic service end to end! So very grateful for the ease at which the Pegasus Group Aviation got my last minute meeting sorted for us. Door to door service that allows me to leave later and still make my meeting.
Thank you.


Incredible service
Incredible service, everything was enjoyable and thoughtful. Definitely make you consider never using Commercial Airlines again. First class service all the way!

Edward H.

Excellent experience from beginning to…
Excellent experience from beginning to end. The pilot Jett L. and his co-pilot Cam were very helpful and very pleasant. Enjoyable flight , very comfortable seats ! Absolutely delighted! Arrived in style!

Crystal P.
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