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We are a locally owned Private Aircraft Operator offering aircraft on private rental to licensed pilots for personal use, as well as a
managed corporate lease to individuals or companies.

No matter what time you are traveling, someone will be available to assist with every detail of your trip. We work for you day and night, 24/7 365 days a year.

We can arrange supplemental lift with Commercial Airlines when
you experience an Aircraft On Ground (AOG). Whenever an aircraft “goes AOG”, all of the necessary materials may not be readily available. In this case, equipment, parts and personnel must be flown to the location of the aircraft for repair in order for the plane to return to service.

Absolutely! Our team has worked with every aircraft type in the
private aviation industry for more than a decade, and our knowledge and expertise is an invaluable resource when looking to purchase your own private or corporate aircraft. PGA has assisted clients interested in purchasing their own private jet or aircraft for personal and leisure use, we can coordinated with corporate travel and logistics departments to help you acquire the right type of jet for their business needs.

Know someone interested in flying private? Don’t make them wing it by searching for an air charter broker across a web of uncertainty – send them to the management team you know and trust, having
personally flown with them yourselves. Refer a friend to Pegasus Group Aviation, and you can earn discounts and rewards for your
future charter flights!

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All information
regarding passenger and charter flight itineraries are confidential in order to safeguard your privacy. Details are only shared on a strict need-to-know basis.

With our Managed Corporate Leasing you own the aircraft on a
short term lease which can be shared between additional lease
holders. Ownership is broken down into Fixed Costs and Flight

Pegasus Group Aviation gives you the ownership of an aircraft
without the hassle of complex maintenance and regulatory
compliance that goes with aircraft ownership. From takeoff to
landing you will have a dedicated management team to assist with
every detail and all your concerns will be answered in a timely

We love what we do. We are here to make sure your experience is
second to none. When working with our team, rest assured, your
dedicated management team will do their best to ensure your travel plans are seamless. Unlike a charter service with Pegasus Group Aviation there is never any mark up on the cost. You will only ever pay for the direct operating costs of the aircraft. We are always available for your questions and concerns with live flight support specialists available 24/7 365 days a year.

Fixed cost include the items which have to be paid regardless if the plane moves or not. These items include navigation data, hangar fees, regulatory compliance, and insurance.

Please see our “Corporate Leasing Agreement: Standard Terms & Conditions” for up-to-date information regarding payment methods
and terms. The information below is subject to change at any time,
without notice. All fees for “Fixed Costs” are required in full at the
end of each month. In addition to the payment method used for your flight, Pegasus Group Aviation requires a guarantee for incidentals via valid credit card with all reservations.

Our preferred method of payment is for our clients to pay in full for their trip via bank wire transfer at least four (4) days prior to departure. If you are able to pay for your flight via this method, you may also be entitled to a cash discount of up to 3%. Please see your “Itinerary Quotation” or inquire with your management team.
If you would like to pay for your charter flight via credit card, you may use your personal or corporate credit card for the total payment for all flights up to $25,000.

If your trip is within 4 business days, you may also select to have your credit card authorized for the total anticipated amount. Bank wire transfer in full is required to be made within 24 hours of accepting the quote for your itinerary. Should you choose to use your credit card for the final payment, you will forfeit your cash discount of 3% and your card will be charged for the total of the flight plus the additional 3%.

Our office is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, within a 15 minute
drive from the regions busiest airport. If you’re planning to fly in or
out of any of the following airports, we’ll be happy to meet with you
in person!

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