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You may review and download the membership agreement by clicking here.

You may review and download the member pilot policy by clicking here or you may read the agreement below.

1. All flying shall be conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations,
as amended and with the information Circulars issued from time to time by
Transport Canada.

2. All dual and solo flying must be authorized by Pegasus Group Aviation or his
delegate and acknowledged by the pilot.

3. No unauthorized aerobatics may be carried out in the aircraft.

4. All solo flying by insured pilots must be carried out within the specified radius of the
airport unless authorized by Pegasus Group Aviation or his delegate.

5. Pegasus Group Aviation or his delegate must specifically authorize all cross-country flights and all landings at any airport other than the home airport.

6. In case of an emergency or unauthorized landing away from home base, the Pilot-In-Command shall immediately contact Pegasus Group Aviation. Giving all the
particulars of the cause for the landing and its location, and shall not attempt to
take off again without permission of Pegasus Group Aviation.

7. It is the Pilot-In-Command’s own responsibility to keep the medical up to date and
ensure that other currency requirements have been met.

8. It is the Pilot-In-Command’s responsibility to see that loose articles are removed
from or secured in the aircraft, that fuel and oil are sufficient or the intended flight,
and that required safety reserve is aboard before take off.

9. Safety harness or seat belts must be properly fitted and secured at all times while
the aircraft is in motion on the ground or in the air.

10. NO PILOT will be permitted to fly an aircraft while under the influence of
intoxicating liquor, drugs or other medication capable of impairing the pilot’s ability,
nor shall the pilot be permitted to carry in a passenger who is under similar

11. Only competent persons authorized by Pegasus Group Aviation may attempt to
swing aircraft propellers.

12. Low flying while PIC is prohibited. ALL solo flight must be carried out at an altitude
of at least 1000’ about the ground except when taking off or landing. If a pilot
encounters bad weather, safety will be the deciding factor in selecting an altitude at
which to fly and if it’s below 1000’. The pilot must report this immediately after

13. Pegasus Group Aviation has the authority to check the flying ability of any licenced
pilot wishing to fly the aircraft, and such may include a request that the Pilot-InCommand demonstrate his ability to competently handle the aircraft under existing

14. Practice of forced landing may only be carried out while obtaining dual with a multiengine instructor and then, only in specified practice areas and with the
authorization of Pegasus Group Aviation or his delegate.

15. All taxiing will be done slowly and with due regard to safety. Aircraft must be
stopped at a safe distance from hangars or buildings and aircraft engines must
never be started in the hangars.

16. All flying charges incurred are on a prepaid basis unless previous arrangements
have been made. Any unused credit will be refunded to the Pilot-In-Command.

17. Any breach of the above regulations or rules resulting in damage to the aircraft or
property will make the individual fully liable for all cost incurred.

18. All aircraft are fully insured. There is a deductible in the event of an accident; the
Pilot-In-Command is responsible for this deductible (See Certificate of Insurance
page). Should the accident be a result of a mechanical problem, which is not the
fault of the pilot, the pilot will not be responsible for the deductible.

19. The Pilot-In-Command is responsible for all damage cause to the aircraft not a
result of mechanical failure. A walk around should be completed prior to each flight
and any damage reported to the Operations Manager.

20. Each pilot shall make sure that he or she is dressed properly for the season. This
applies to passengers as well. In the winter, a pilot will be refused a flight if he or
she does not have the following clothing: a) warm headwear, b) warm winter
footwear, c) mittens, and d) warm jacket or parka. Pilots are also encouraged to
have available ski pants, jacket, or a snowmobile suit, particularly on cross country

21. Weather minimums: Temperature limits of-28°C and +40°C. Wind limits of 30G35
knots. Crosswind component CANNOT be exceeded and IFR Flights are not
permitted without an IPC completed in the aircraft. Engines must be pre-heated at
temperatures below 10°C.

22. Foreign Object Damage (FOD). All pilots are asked to be vigilant for any foreign
objects on the ramp, taxiway, and runway. If possible remove the object and notify
your instructor/chief flight instructor.

23. The Pilot-In-Command must have a minimum of 45 minutes of fuel reserve for all
flights. Visual checking of fuel levels is mandatory, and pilots are advised to know
the endurance of their tanks based on hourly consumption, rather than relying on
fuel gauges.

24. Pilots must report all snags on the aircraft to the Maintenance Manager and enter
the defect in the journey log.

25. Upon completion of a flight, the pilot will park the aircraft in the designated parking
area. If strong winds are present, or forecasted, the aircraft shall have all gust locks
in place while waiting to be parked in the hangar.

26. In the event of an off airport landing, or a forced landing, the Operation Manager
shall be notified immediately. No attempt shall be made to move the aircraft, or to
resume the flight until the situation has been fully discussed with the Operations
Manager, and then only on his advice.

27. Qualified and properly trained people shall do re-fuelling only. As well, only the
Pilot-In-Command shall add oil to an aircraft engine.

28. When moving aircraft on the ground, the proper tow bar shall be used. Caution
must be used when non-trained people offer to help in the moving of aircraft.
People must be showed where they can and cannot push.

29. Owners of Pegasus Group Aviation are to review the Flight Safety Program on a
semi-annual basis. All members must be familiar with the flight safety program.

30. Invoices for aircraft use shall be paid within 7 days by electronic fund transfer
unless prior arrangements have been made.

• Cross-countries over 3 hours and overnight cross counties must be approved by he
Operations Manager before bookings made.
• Pilots must be briefed before departing.
• Minimum rental time is 3 hours a day, if less then 3 hours a day, the rental fee will be
charged unless prior arrangements have been made. If weather is IFR then charge is
automatically waived.
• Pilots may rent the airplane DRY only.
• DRY: Aircraft rental rate does not include fuel. Aircraft will be provided with full tanks.
Pilots purchase their own fuel when enroute. Airplane is returned with full fuel tanks.
• Always take tie downs ropes and tie down rings. Airplane must be tied down or
hangered over night.
• Depending on the season:
• Wing covers
• Engine covers
• If temperatures will be less then + 2 C, wing covers must be used.
• If airplane is iced covered, do not scrape ice. Have the airplane deiced or put into a
warm hanger.
• The Journey Log must be filled in everyday and be up to date upon returning.
• Payment prior to departure: Credit Card number on Account or a credit balance on

Pegasus Group Aviation Cancelation/Refund Policy
• Cancelations with greater than 24 hours notice will be accepted without penalty
• Cancelations with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a $100 penalty paid
prior to the next entalr, unless due to weather or aircraft maintenance.

Pegasus Group Aviation Refund Policy
• Pre-paid rental fees will be refunded in full.
• Funds remaining on account after first day of the thirteenth month of inactivity will be
subject to a $100 maintenance fee and be subject to an addition $100 fee for each
additional 12 months of inactivity

Pegasus Group Aviation Late Payment Policy
• Post-paid invoices not paid within 7 days will be subject to a 3.75% penalty
• A 5.00% penalty will be applied for each 30days the invoice remains delinquent.
• Payments in default greater than 180 days will be subject to a $250.00 surcharge and
sent to collections.

Pegasus Group Aviation Refuelling Policy
• Aircraft not returned with the same quantity of fuel unless prior arrangements made
will be billed at $3.00 per litre

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