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Pegasus Group Aviation is a Locally Owned Private Aircraft Operator based out of the Niagara District Airport that offers increased safety, efficiency, speed, and value over other methods of travel for your mission-critical trips. Through Membership in Pegasus Group Aviation, we offer a unique opportunity, through which you only pay the direct operating cost of the aircraft that you rent.

  • Private Rental
  • Your Schedule
  • Your Routes
  • Direct Costs Only
  • Light Twin Aircraft

Pegasus Group Aviation offers greater safety by operating light twin-engine aircraft. We operate a Piper Seneca light twin-engine aircraft that offers Flight Into Known Icing in the smallest most reliable package available. Our aircraft are fully IFR certified and equipped including having two-axis autopilots to reduce pilot workload in IMC. Having a second engine also allows for more direct routes over large bodies of water. Together these make for safer, more reliable air travel.

Pegasus Group Aviation offers greater efficiency, no wait times, no weekend delays, no rush hour traffic, decreased weather restrictions. We can assist to have the aircraft configured and fueled to your needs. Simply put Pegasus Group Aviation is efficient and convenient.

Pegasus Group Aviation offers faster speed by using an oxygen-equipped light twin-engine aircraft that offers increased climb rates to higher altitudes, allowing you to take advantage of increased TAS and lower fuel burn. Private Rental with Pegasus Group Aviation ultimately offers value to you’re flying experience. As there are dollar cost savings in many travel scenarios.

Pegasus Group Aviation holds an open pilot warranty on its aircraft with the following condition:

  • DUAL Operations only-while accompanied by approved check pilot. Properly Licensed Private Pilots or Better with a Minimum of 150 Hours Total Time approved by the named insured.
  • SOLO Operations, Any Properly Licensed Private Pilot or Better holding an IFR rating with a minimum of 200 Hours Total time including not less than 25 Hours Multi-Engine Including not less than 10 Hours on Make snd Model approved by an approved Check Pilot and current on type within previous 30 Days.

If membership is right for you and you would like to speak about this further or schedule an introduction. We would love to set up an appointment with you to go over the details of this exciting opportunity.

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